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La Fee

La Fee Bohemian Absinthe

La Fee Bohemian Absinthe

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Appearance: Brilliantly clear, no separation, floaters, pools of oil, etc. Blue-green tint to it. On swirling, leaves a thin coat on the glass with scalloping edge and very thin legs developing. Louche action is negligible as expected – kind of a glow rather than a louche in this case.

First Impression: Mint, the distinctive bitter earthy smell of wormwood, spicy notes- fennel with and somewhat spirity alcohol in background. Sweetish pastis/licorice under the mint/fennel- almost a mentholated smell

Taste: Whew! Almost frosty aromatics to this one. Heavy menthol and fennel blast then slightly drying finish. Sugared and watered down to the appropriate level, it takes more like a mentholated liqueur.

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