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Frescobaldi Albizzia Chardonnay 2022

Frescobaldi Albizzia Chardonnay 2022

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Albizzia, made from Chardonnay, is a crisp, stylish white wine, with a broad array of fragrances ranging from citrus to tropical fruit. Wonderful as an aperitif wine, it is also perfect as a wine to enjoy at any moment throughout the day.

A bright straw yellow colour with subtle green reflections. Its bouquet is highlighted by alternating citrus aromas that range from lime and lemon to bergamot. The citrus notes give way to the fragrance of green apple, finishing off with Mediterranean and balsamic scents. When the wine hits the tongue, it immediately dazzles with its incredibly harmonious acidic-alcoholic balance. The softness and freshness balance each other out wonderfully, giving way to a rather long finish. 12% Acl

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