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Vago Distillery

Mezcal Vago Espadin

Mezcal Vago Espadin

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Mezcal Vago Espadin 50.86% 750ml - This 100% Agave Espadin is distilled by Emigdio Jarquin in El Nanche, Miahuatlan de Porfirio Diaz. Don Emigdio is a fourth-generation mezcalero from the Nanche district of Miahuatlan. This Mezcal was awarded Double Gold, Best in Class & the coveted "Best Mezcal" at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The terroir shines through in this mezcal, and you really get a sense of place when tasting it. Tasting Notes: A well-balanced smokiness and bright citrus flavours make it distinct. Complex, opulent, and delicious to sip. This mezcal is a magnificent sipping mezcal, yet has become a favourite ingredient in craft cocktails as well.

50.86% ABV


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