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La Salamandre Aperitif Le Poirier

La Salamandre Aperitif Le Poirier

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Le Poirier is a natural artisanal wine-based aperitif. It is made from a blend of William Pear brandy, distilled by us, and sweet wine. You will appreciate it fresh, plain or in a cocktail, but also to flavour your desserts and pastries.
Poirier is best enjoyed chilled, plain or in your cocktails.
It can simply accompany the tasting of your desserts (chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, a square of dark chocolate ...), as you would with white wine or champagne. In baking, it will flavour your salads with fresh fruit, cakes and desserts. You can also use our pear wine as a topping on an ice cream cup, and according to your imagination.

16% ABV


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