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Mery Melrose

Mery Melrose VS Cognac Organic 3 year old

Mery Melrose VS Cognac Organic 3 year old

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Mery Melrose is a modern, organic farmer making stunning Cognac from his small vineyard in Grande Champagne.
This VS Cognac is full of life; it glows like honey in the glass, and exhibits a lively, expressive aroma of fresh peach and apricot, with a touch of mint, violets, and chalk.
Relatively dry, it makes an excellent long drink or cocktail, but also shines neat on a sunny afternoon.
Pairing: Frozen VS Cognac is perfect to serve with shell fish, prawns or langoustine.
Cocktails ideas: lively Old Fashioned or Sour cocktails.

40% ABV


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