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Massenez Ananas/Coco (Pineapple/Coconut) Liqueur 500ml

Massenez Ananas/Coco (Pineapple/Coconut) Liqueur 500ml

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Area of Origin: Alsace France Producer: G.E Massenez All Massenez products are 100 percent natural with no added aromas, colorings or preservatives. Massenez has chosen to retain traditional methods of distillation, combined with the requirements of modern production. G.E Massenez has developed high quality 'triple concentrated' fruit cremes (liqueurs). Their rich aroma makes theme very versatile and they can be drunk neat, over ice, in cocktails or poured on ice creams, pastries, etc. All are ideally suited to prepare the traditional French aperitif 'Kir'.

20% ABV


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