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Germana Cachaca 'Heritage' 10 Years (Dark Amber)

Germana Cachaca 'Heritage' 10 Years (Dark Amber)

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The name Heritage means legacy, tradition and family pride. This is what Cachaca Germana means to the Caetano Family. Germana Heritage is aged for 8 year in French oak barrels and for 2 years in barrels of Brazilian balsam. The result is a dark amber colour, a symphony of Cachaca and wood with very special notes of fruits. The exquisite care resulted in the inheritance of knowledge of distillation and ageing of this cachaca. Recommended serve: best sipped neat on the rocks with the green part of a lime zest. Fun Fact: To protect the bottles during travel, Sergio would wrap them with banana straw - fruit typical of the region, to prevent them from breaking during their long trips on horseback, as well as to protect them from sunlight.

40% ABV


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