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Francois Voyer

Francois Voyer Cognac VS

Francois Voyer Cognac VS

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A young, fruit-driven, grape-to-bottle Cognac, 100% Grande Champagne. Distilled with the lees, the FV VS ages in new Limousin oak casks with a medium interior toast for 1 year. The ageing process continues in old barrels in a damp cellar. A progressive reduction is made, with distilled water (max 5% of diminution every 3 months). A very fine blend, a minimum of 30 months old. Tasting Notes: Nose: A strong bouquet of vanilla, lime and white flowers. Floral tones are typical of the Grande Champagne cru young Cognacs. Palate: A gentle start which stays on the pallet for a long time. Fruity, pleasant and persistent. Great for cocktails or can be drunk straight from the freezer.

40% ABV


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