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Distillerie et Domaines de Provence

Distillerie et Domaines de Provence Aperitif 'Orange Colombo' (Orange)

Distillerie et Domaines de Provence Aperitif 'Orange Colombo' (Orange)

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An infusion of sweet and bitter oranges, luberon rose wine, quinquina infusion, curacao spirit, natural orange flavouring, cane sugar and alcohol. Its a clever infusion of all these ingredients which gives Orange Colombo its unique flavour. Tasting Notes: Colour: The colour of Orange Colombo depends greatly on that of the rose wine from which it is made. Its appearance may go from an orange-pink to a light raspberry tint. Nose: On the nose, the first notes are more on the orange rind, with a fruitier note of mandarin. The spicy aromas of mulled wine are also found. Palate: The tastes on the palate are shared between the fruity orange flavour and a more vegetal zest note. The balance between the sugar content and acidity make Orange Colombo a very refreshing aperitif. Its taste lingering on the orange zest is strengthened by the bitterness in the final note. The perfect aperitif for those who love drinks with bitter or spicy flavours. Orange Colombo also goes very well with all dark chocolate cakes.

15% ABV


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