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Williams & Humbert

Dos Maderas Rum Luxus 10 Years + 5 Years

Dos Maderas Rum Luxus 10 Years + 5 Years

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Definition: Aged rum with a two-stage maturing process.

Production: Dos Maderas LUXUS, as with "Dos Maderas 5 + 3" and "Dos Maderas PX 5 +5 ", is a noble blend of soft and intense rum from Barbados and Guyana. Dos Maderas LUXUS is matured for 10 years at its place of origin in the Caribbean, before being transferred to the Spanish Sherry house of Williams & Humbert. There it matures for a further 5 years using the Solera system method in American oak casks which have previously contained the internationally renowned DON GUIDO, a Pedro Ximenez Sherry with extraordinary aromas and flavours, which is certified by the Sherry Regulatory Board as having an age rating of over 20 years.

40% ABV


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