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Don Zoilo Sherry Aperitif Olorose 15 Years

Don Zoilo Sherry Aperitif Olorose 15 Years

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Definition: In EEC terms, Quality Liquor Wine Produced in a Specific Region, in Spain, fortified wine with the Quality Demarcation Jerez Sherry and indication of age: 15 years of maturing and ageing. Dry oloroso.

Type of grape: Palomino.

Vineyards: Jerez Superior. Pago A–ina y Carrascal.

Alcohol content: 19% Alc./Vol.

Type of grape: Oloroso

Sugar content: Less than 6 gr. /l., obtained from concentration through evaporation.

Production: Bud musts. Controlled fermentation at 28¼ C. Fortified with distilled wine alcohol at up to 19.5¼. The Palomino enters the racks before entering the Criaderas y Soleras system for physical-chemical ageing through oxidation in oak casks. Aged for at least 12 years. A unique dry oloroso. Tasting notes: Bright amber. Intense aromas characteristic of this type of wine and a hint of dried nuts and fruits. Dry, rich, with smooth tannins, it is luscious and balanced. A long finish. Suggestions for consumption: As an aperitif with mature cheese, at meals with red meats and even as an after-dinner drink.

19% ABV


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