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Amares Mezcal Logia Cenizo

Amares Mezcal Logia Cenizo

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Amaras Logia is meticulously crafted using wild maguey Cenizo (Agave durangensis), which requires a patient wait of 14 years to achieve maturity. This mezcal follows a traditional production method that involves a conical stone oven constructed from volcanic rock. The agave hearts are carefully roasted, utilising the flavoursome combination of huizache and mesquite wood. Following the roasting process, the agave is manually milled, fermented in stainless steel rectangular vats, and subjected to a double distillation process within a copper still.

Upon indulging in this mezcal, the pronounced and fruity aroma immediately captivates the senses, accompanied by subtle hints of earthiness and sweet chipotle aromas. The flavour profile unveils delightful notes of toasty coffee grounds, intermingled with the warmth of wood spices and delicate undertones of raisin bread. Amaras Logia represents the harmonious fusion of time-honoured techniques and carefully selected ingredients, resulting in a mezcal of exceptional quality and enticing complexity.

46% ABV


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