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Brackenwood Maceration Carbonique Syrah 2021

Brackenwood Maceration Carbonique Syrah 2021

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In 2005 Brackenwood started making a Maceration Carbonique wine, which had not been commercially made since the 70’s and most recognisably by Houghton’s.  It is where whole bunches are fermented under CO2 pressure.  The grape ferments inside out and picks up very little skin contact. 

The resulting wine is uplifting with fresh fruits, it’s usually drunk young and can be chilled. For those with patiences as it can be very rewarding with complex tertiary character developing with time. This wine has a bouquet of violet’s, black currents and cinnamon, followed by big blue berries, plums and white pepper cracked over cloves on the palate.

13% ABV


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