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Beach House Pink Spiced Rum

Beach House Pink Spiced Rum

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Dive into the Beach House universe… 

Close your eyes, take a sip, experience those floral and fruity aromas and let yourself be transported to the beach of your dreams, your feet in the sand, your eyes on the sparkling turquoise horizon.

The original combination of blackcurrant and hibiscus is executed with precision. The balance between fruit and flower, between greed and freshness, Beach House Pink will delight sliced rum lovers looking for novelty and surprise.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Sensitive pinkish nuances

Nose: Very fruity, a real pink grapefruit juice sublimated by the sweet and floral notes of hibiscus. After aeration, black fruit aromas appear.

Palate: Gourmet but fresh like a sorbet, blackcurrant, and coconut blend wonderfully.
Acidic and tonic, it invites you to a second sip!

Finish: The intense perfume of blackcurrant remains for a long time in the mouth.

40% ABV


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