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Alejandro Saperavi 2020

Alejandro Saperavi 2020

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The wine exhibits a visually striking dark purple to black hue, captivating the senses from the very beginning. Upon nosing, one is greeted by a delightful bouquet of mulberry, dark fruits, fennel, and spice, intertwining harmoniously to create an intricate aromatic profile reminiscent of a decadent, rich fruit cake. As the wine makes its presence known on the palate, its richness and tannic structure become apparent, delivering a full-bodied experience that is further enhanced by the careful influence of French and American oak. The 2020 Vintage, marked by hot and dry weather conditions, allowed the fruit to reach optimal ripeness, resulting in a wine that exudes full flavour, body, and an alluring depth of colour.

14.5% ABV


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